Andrew Stokols writes on global urbanization and international development with a focus on China and Asia. In China, he has worked as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow at a rural development NGO and was a Fulbright Scholar studying urbanization in western China. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Foreign Policy. He is currently a Masters in Urban Planning candidate at Harvard GSD.
America just doesn't get airport rail

America just doesn’t get airport rail

Observing his experience at LaGuardia Airport, Donald Trump bemoaned that it’s like “a third world airport“. Now, putting aside the absurdity of ¬†an avowed conservative who detests government projects in general complaining about the state of America’s infrastructure, he has a point. America’s airports and infrastructure are in terrible shape compared to the rest of...
We don't need 6 Californias, we need better regions

We don’t need 6 Californias, we need better regions

With reports that a tech entrepreneur’s ballot initiative to split California into 6 separate states has gained enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, we need to set the parameters of what exactly is at stake. And, as a proud Californian, I feel particularly compelled to speak out against this plan. I know, it may...